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Why I love the Roll Down...

  • It’s versatile! Bend your knees and place feet on the mat and hands behind your thighs. Roll back until your arms are straight. Don’t sacrifice the quality of the exercise. If you can’t complete a roll down with straight legs the exercise is just as beneficial completed with this modification. When doing the variation with your hands grabbing the back of your thighs, don’t forget to keep your elbows wide to help connect to your back muscles!

  • It’s a killer core exercise! When you’re doing the roll down, Imagine a hook is pulling your back while you draw your belly button to your spine. This exercise works your powerhouse and engages your deep transverse abdominal muscle. For an added challenge, keep arms by your ears when rolling up. This will help target your upper abdominals.

  • Great for posture! When performing the roll down, I like to count down from ten to really articulate each vertebrae. The control the exercise requires helps you determine the range of mobility in your back. Keeping the feet firmly flexed on the mat will help engage your hamstrings and backline muscles. As you roll up and down try to focus on not collapsing in your waist and lifting through your spine.

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